sexta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2015

Exporting JavaFX application as an animated GIF

To try to export an animation from a JavaFX app to an animated GIF, I started on this thread in StackOverflow, then this class from Eliot Kroo, which I am sharing on gist in case his site goes down.

Right now I am going to try his class on a JavaFX application and I will share the results here.

A sample animation

This is the animation I generated using my code :

The source for this animation is here:

Based on Eliot's class, I created one which will take an amount of screenshots based on the given period and write an animated GIF on the given path(well, right now I didn't create the source yet, hope I will be able to make it work):

This code have no great performance since the snapshot method is not "performatic". If we set a small period to collect the GIF's frames, we will face slowness.
That's all, folks! Now you can use the above code in your application to export GIT animations from your JavaFX applications!

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