sábado, 21 de agosto de 2010

An App to Search Images

Another app in JavaFX, this time to search images using Google, Bing, Flickr and Yahoo services. After search an image you can edit and save to your computer.

You know, it was very easy to build it... JavaFX is easy and helped me a lot. With this api I'm working and some works from JavaFX community, it's turned more easier :)

 Rakesh Menon one more time helped me with their internal window and Save as Image. I really miss their posts =/.

I have a lot of small things to improve and finish in this app, but no time to... So I'm releasing the code, if you want you can improve the app, or you can do anything you want with it :D

The video below show the app working:

Well, I suggest you to launch the app and give you feedback :)

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