segunda-feira, 18 de outubro de 2010

Visage: My First impression

Hi Everyone!

After the news about the JavaFX discontinued by Oracle, Visage project started!

Today Stephen Chin announced the first preview of Visage, with the default key word, (which we can define a default property setted on the class definition). I'm playing with it, look the sample I did using the default feature:

public class Person{
public default var name:String;
public var age:Integer;

override function toString(){
"{name} has {age} years"

public function run(){
var person :Person = Person{
"William " age:22;

For me it's great! I'm motived more than before to keep my JavaFX works, Thanks Stephen Chin and Visage Community!

Links on Visage

Um comentário:

  1. Ah, I missed the lack of field name in the instantiation of the class, so the post was a bit obscure. At least the wiki page you link to makes things clearer.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing, I appreciate the information. I knew from early posts from Stephen that "content" was optional, I didn't know how it was possible: I appreciate it is flexible and it can be used on any class.

    PS.: The links on your site are hard to read, and almost invisible once they have been visited.