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Kie Server Manager JavaFX Client 1.0-ALPHA2

Last post I have announced my PET project called Kie Server Management Client, which is a JavaFX desktop application to remotely manage a Kie Server. This is a post about the 1.0-ALPHA2 release.
We still have no installer and who wants to try it must know Maven and use Java 8. I do plan a better release in 1.0.Final, but this is a project I work on my spare time, so I can't promise too much.

New features

User Tasks Management

Now it is possible to list the user tasks of a given process instance and all the user tasks of a Container:

Listing user tasks for a given process instance ID

Jobs Management

Now it is possible to schedule cancel and requeue Jobs:

Jobs requests management


The following video shows the new features in action:

 What's next?

We still have a bunch of features and improvements to add! Process Variables and the Query screen should be next (ALPHA3)!

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