quarta-feira, 4 de julho de 2012

TimaoFX: A simple JavaFX app

Yesterday I gave a talk about JavaFX to TDC Java University Track. The goal was to show JavaFX technology and motivate the attendees(which where about 40) to code something in JavaFX after the presentation. Coincidentally, yesterday was also the day of "Libertadores da América" finals, where Corinthians club were playing, but it never had won Libertadores. (but this time Corinthian did win the "Libertadores" \o/ )
Well, Corinthians has about 30 million fans in Brazil(even our former president is "Corintiano"), so I decided to create a very simple app to show some Corinthians information. The presentation is in Portuguese, but code is Universal :)
Introdução ao JavaFX
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 As said, the app is very, very basic  and doesn't even makes database connection or access any WEB Services, the idea is show some JavaFX capabilities such as Multimedia and CSS and interface components(Controls).

The audience got impressed when I showed the CSS capabilities. With a few lines of CSS code I showed them how to change all the app's style.

The app code is in GitHub. It's a simple Eclipse project, all you have to do is clone the repository,  import the project into Eclipse, solve the jfxrt.jar dependency and then you can run the application.
Anyway, it was a such great experience give this talk to TDC and I'm looking forward to Saturday, when I'll give another JavaFX talk, but this time I will briefly show JavaFX basics to concentrate my efforts in JavaFX usage in real world apps .

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  1. Very Nice man! JavaFX is amazing, i'll clone your project! congratulations on your engagement with javafx.