quarta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2015

My experience with Processing programming language (and JavaFX X Processing)

Processing is the main language used to create Arduino code. It is also a great language to create visual applications. In this post I am going to share you some processing sketches I created and the way to follow if you are looking to have fun with this great programming language based in Java.

Having fun with processing

Simplicity is the word for processing. You can sit, open the IDE, have some random idea and in a few minutes you will implement it. Here are some random fun stuff I created in a few minutes


As a first test with angular motion, I created a sketch to draw lines which when connected create a spiral:

TV out of tune

To experiment the noise function, a sketch using this function was to simulate an old TV of tune effect:

"The Thing"

Angular motion is always exciting. In this example I created a class called TheThing, which makes use of angular motion. I won't post all the code here, but you can see in my github.

Particle generation

I already made tests with particle generation using HTML 5 at this blog, but it was really simpler to create one with Processing: