segunda-feira, 23 de novembro de 2015

Quickpost: Using jBPM remote API from a JavaFX Application

Recently I wrote an article for Master the Boss to show the use of the jBPM/BPM Suite remote API. To test that, I also created a simple JavaFX application to remember the good old days when I used to create JavaFX apps daily :)

 The app I created was actually really simple, here are some screenshots:

The simply app allow an user do the steps of a business process using the remote API which are start a process, manage human task, read process variables and the process execution history. This the the process we are talking about:

Below you can see a video of the app in action interacting with jBPM deployed process and tasks. Notice it is possible to see the status of the business process in real time.

It was created in less than one hour and all the JavaFX code is below and the entire project is in github.

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