terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2017

Have fun creating JavaFX 2d games

After the pong game, today I had a good time creating another small JavaFX game. This time, a little more playable game.

I think JavaFX is the best plataform to create games nowadays. No external dependency is required to create a playable and rich game. To the game which code you can see below, I spent about 3 hours and I could continue adding features to it, but I just wanted to do something else.

But why JavaFX is so great about creating games?

  • Hardware acceleration  for rendering of graphics comes by default;
  • It is available on Oracle Java JDK and also with OpenJFX project (no additional dependencies);
  • It has a canvas that is equivalent to the HTML 5 canvas;
  • It can play sound, video and has Java networking by default and a lot of Java platform benefits
  • You can port JavaFX to a mobile using Gluon / JavaFX Ports (in fact, I did this already and I still have the stacker game running on my mobile);
  • It has 3d capabilities;
  • You can port the game to the web using jpro.
You can find the AircraftWar game source code in my github and to run it just use:

javac AircraftWar.java


java AircraftWar

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