quinta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2010



First: thanks all guys for the ~200 visits since last week when I published "An app to search Images".

Today I'm going to show you my new app which I created to test my RESTful WebServices. That's a simple solution to explore my services. Basically is a graphical interface for the great HttpRequest class. I'm working in a new app more complete perform my tests when working with RESTful and ROA.

Below you can see it working:

The main goal is see the response of your RESTful WEB Services. But you can test services from Twitter, by instance. This app gives a good way to explore REST APIs.

You can test the app in applet mode or download the JNLP. If someone wants the code, please, let's me know.

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  1. What hosting plan did you use for hosting your JavaFX apps with freehostia (eg for HTTPRequester)? From what I can tell freehostia do not mention about Java/JavaFX support anywhere on their website.

    Did the hosting provider already have the Java/JavaFX support built-in? How was the hosting of the JavaFX apps done?

  2. Actually I'm paying a server to host my apps, but FreeHostia served me well when I was using it :).